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Our Sustainable Approach

The most important value of Catering Zdravě is sustainability- a spirit of care for nature and the planet, thanks to which we can satisfy our customers with delicious meals and drinks. In our company, these words are not just a phrase, but a real desire to build and grow our firm in a way that will be respected by future generations.

We care about maintaining the shortest possible supply chain, and thus we primarily work with ingredients produced by local growers and breeders.

Operational Sustainability

In both production and during our events we are particular about recycling.

For serving meals and drinks, we exclusively use washable inventory.

We do not use plastic bottles in our drink packages. We filter our own water, and use tap soda water to make our fresh homemade lemonades.

More and more often you can find meat-free dishes in our menus.

We design the menu for each even in order to avoid waste as much as possible.

If any food is left over, we donate it to needy people.


Modern Equipment
We use modern, energy-saving technologies in food production and at our events.

Energy Saving
Another one of our core values is responsible use of energy. We make sure to keep our energy use in the various technologies we need during the preparation of our meals.

Reconstruction and revitalization of buildings and fields where we will be able to produce our own ingredients.

Our Suppliers

Struhy Farm | Milk, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Yoghurt
Family farm working on the principles of ecological farming.

Druhaz Farm | Chicken and Turkey
Farm in the Sedlčany region, one of the last producers of turkey meat in the Czech Republic.

Amaso | Beef and Smoked Meats
Precisely prepared meat from select Czech producers.

Petr Kubát | Eggs
Family farm with free-range laying hens, 1CZ.

Šandera | Fruits and Vegetables
Czech fruit and vegetables from Mr. Šandera of Chýně, also well-known for growing his own asparagus.

Phone (9:00–16:00, Mon–Fri)

+420 776 363 902